The Mirror of Your Soul









  • Some time ago a girlfriend gave me a painting that you madeThis painting has been given a very prominent place in our house. I look at it each day, and still enjoy  the  “appearance”  of new images and the symbolic meanings of these. H. v. T. –G.


  • The first painting which you made for me on my energy, gave me an enormous rest.   When I put it on the wall, the room filled instantly with a sense of peace and quiet, which at the time I really needed.   A.  – Z.


  •  Jo, the paintings which came trough you for me,  are a present for my entire life.   A.O. –H


  • Every time that you  paint for me, I get the feeling that the universe gives me a pat on the shoulder.  You will give many people solace and aid with this blessed gift.   I thank you, that you have shown me.    M.V. -- R.


  • How trilled we were to receive the unusual painting I will treasure it.  Thanks  so much for remembering us in this special way!  I know God will reward your giving , loving spirit. My prayer for you is that you will be filled with the serenity of God's love peace and beauty and that his abundant blessings will keep  you  going strong .......  rev. R.H.S.  --GG





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